Sunday, February 21, 2010

my pic during industrial trip

masa nie tgh tunggu bas dtg ambil kami g satey kajang... dinner... lama sgt tunggu bas, jd kami mengisi masa lpg dgn bergmbr... hehee.. this is one of my cosmate... dayana...

masa nie kat mid valley.. kami shopping2 dulu sblm pulang balik.. huhu.. very happening... gmbr nie kat dlm mid valley... the background of new year celebration... sgt cntik...

first luv by utada hikaru

the last kiss tasted like tobacco
the bitter and sad scent
tomorrow at this time
where would u be?
who would u be thinking of?

u were always gonna be my luv,
even if i fall in love with someone one day,
i'll remember to love u taught me how,
u r always gonna be the one,
now it's still a sad luv song

the time that had stopped seems to start moving,
just all the things i dun want to forget,
tomorrow at this time,
i will surely be crying,
probably thinking of u

u will always be inside my heart,
since there will always be the place for u,
i hope i have a place in your heart too,
now and forever u r still the one,
now it's still a sad luv song,

u r always gonna be my luv,
even if i fall in luv again with someone one day,
i will remember to luv u taught me how,
u r always gonna be the one,
now it's still a sad luv song,
now and forever....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

buat renungan....

" Jika apa yang kita doakan dikabulkan oleh Allah dengan cepat,
Allah sayangkan kita..

Jika apa yang kita doakan lambat dikabulkan,
bermaksud Allah ingin menguji kesabaran kita..

Jika apa yang kita doakan tidak dikabulkan,
janganlah hampa.
Ini bukan kerana Allah bencikan kita
tetapi Allah ingin berikan sesuatu yang lebih baik daripada apa yang kita doakan.."

Friday, February 12, 2010

new information

i had found the true pucuk piai.. it is not same as pucuk miding like i said before...
i really sure...
i need to present my project 2 weeks from now...
i have no enough time.. all the time should be used smartly.... heheee...

final year project...

my final year project is about mucilage and antioxidant acitivities...
the sample is pucuk piai..
scientific name is acrostichum aureum (a.aureum)

actually.. until now.. i never see the real pucuk piai..
i thought, pucuk piai is same as pucuk midding (which is used in bubur lambuk t'ganu)..
i dun know la...

i really excited with my project... huhu...